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December 2010

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... long times between kinks

Wow... can't believe it's been a year since i've posted!

The New Zealand Fetish Ball went better than planned. Our scene ended up soaking the stage, me dripping wet, thrown around and generally 'interrogated' in the military style by a big bad super nasty femme, ala super sexy show- with that total silence after, before the erruption of applause and huge compliments... We seem to have sort of scared them with how long my head was shoved under water, twice. Then completely turned them on with being dragged, sopping, across the floor, thrown on a table, cropped, and 'tormented' with this HUGE black paper-mache dong strap on... great fun... 

Both Auckland and Christchurch shows had me incredibly impressed with the level of shows, with full hook suspensions, arials, and then Satomi and Lukas Zpira, with THIS Lukas Zpira's dinner.... a rose in the tiny, tatoo'd gut wrenchingly sexy Satomi's bum while he dips fries in the blood of a leg-cutting.... indeed!

A year later there is more news.... sigh... such long times between kinky fun! Tho I have had a FANTASTIC year of hiking, scuba, flying stunt planes and generally enjoying a magical land, and gazilions of miles of wonderful road....

Montreal Fetish Weekend:  was amaaazing! 4 nights of incredible show/play/dances, with a weekend of good workshops including some very interesting things, like the walk-about Montreal tour in BDSM gear, with photo shoot... HOT HOT HOT.. go see their photos!

The wonderful very good friend of mine, Kirk Handy - you know the guy - that big bad sexy bald man who runs the BDSM event on Friday's at Realm of Fantasy, in Calgary.... he was there presenting "The ABC's of CBT" (what a great job he did, too!!! ) and darling of darlings of all the great darlings, was the reason I stayed in Montreal, a huge part of my decision-making to stay out East a few months - and gave me a full pass to the weekend... AND put up with me jumping on his bed, and sleeping in it, for the weekend. My Montreal friend (where i was already staying, and stayed with a fabulous 2 weeks) was near-by, but not near enough for late nights and early mornings. I'm crazy like that. I want to dance all night, AND attend all the workshops....  besides, she didn't have a pool and sauna, and the hotel did. Overlooking the chess-park.

So the weekend... they had a top notch fashion show, Sat and Sun parties had dungeon areas and shows, and every night had a special private Fet Wkend ONLY area dungeon and dj at the city's after-hour's club that ran till something like 10am. Not that *I* stayed out that late!!  

To be selfish, now I'm going to talk about ME. MEMEMEMEMememe yay ME !!!.....

... who was demo bottom for the predicament workshop- gotta say i do love a mix of rope bondage, predicament and electrical, mixed with tugging on my very sexy friend's very sore nipples via a rope tied to my ankle as i very difficultly held it off the floor with my bum off the floor!
I'll try to explain this tiny part of the whole- on my back, on the floor. i have to lift my bum right up, and hold myself in a wedge, with my knees near 90 degrees, THEN lift one leg up, holding up by only one leg. As my leg lowers it tugs my friend's nipples, via a rope through a pulley... yum. If *I * drop down, a VERY painful *modified* bug zapper gets me...one that I *THINK* won't stop zapping me! HAHAHAHAHA. good work!!! 

  so i organized some rope play for that night at the party, before being demo bottom for the electrical workshop and having a bit of fun having a light little bit of electricity. I do so love violet wands, Tens etc... oh MEMORIES sing sing sing and memories of Lupercalia's Electrical play where I got to demo bottom a russian ems... oh so fun! oh so sexy... Deep into the muscles, an amazing level of pleasure and pain... oh i soo need play outside of such rare shows....


At the weekend night parties there were hoops hanging from the ceiling! so of course I played around a bit, swinging and doing a little bit of aerials. Late, just before close I went and played with the predicament workshop presenter and got a beautiful rope corset done on me. Dancing was seriously sexy, with the tightness constricting the ribs, between legs, pulling, and cutting air without ever cutting it off- well, only so far as i leaned back...tugging in all the right places. Perfectly placed, Rigger Jay did such a fabulous job that I knew he was *really* good. Our connection was also strong - earlier we'd had some very amazing conversations and 'clicked'. It was an old friend, at an instance... so he rigged me up, and going with my great love, i was inverted.... a rope from the ceiling turned into a perfect top-spinner, and *I*, the top... spinning... upside down.... with the pressure on my upper legs in a sort of inverted cross legged meditation pose. I 'ohmmed'... and spun... gorgeous. What incredible work.... which i'd LOVE to share photos of but haven't so far been able  to get any!!! grrrrr...

The next night I ended up dancing with my now electrical presenter friend, Dunter, who, btw, was also doing the stage show rigging. His writing is a bit weird in English cause he's French... Our connection had me remembering what I so love and miss and truelly so very much need, of BDSM... something in the spark... I am eternally grateful for the later play, the rememberance... and now, i am BACK, and on fetlife.com, and seeking. actively...  I do really want play in my LIFE, not just at shows, nor such rare occassion...

later on Rigger Jay grabbed me, in the audience just hanging out a moment.

"You, come here"

"You're going Up"



They had two ropes on either side of a suspended gal, on her side. I got suspended under her from those two ropes, so that i could move around a bit- spinning my ropes to twist up close enough to spank her a little, and even to give her a little cheek-kiss, then un-spinning. It was great. I love ropes. Yes. Yes i do....

The next week was fun, the week previous was fun. I am reminded how in -love with Montreal I was, am, and continue to be.... 


And some NZ ones...