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December 2010

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Caroling for BDSM, Bondage, & Burlesque!??!

Oh, tis the season!!

Kinky in Virginia, perhaps, but first Florida, then friends then THIS

The Black Phoenix Club; Solstice, New Years Weekend!

Thanks to the super fab Rigger Jay who is hosting me and my happy to be suspended self looking sideways and upside down and a few strange rope skewed angles of spinning glee at him, and everyone, and ...well, spinning upside down like a top, probably looking a bit wobbly eyed atcha all.

Yes, there is excitement and titilation in the air!! 

Then, for January 9th I am booked to model for the Boston, Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School, a burlesque dress up fun drinking game and silly tale infused version of the kind of quiet boring ol life-model art classes.

For those of you in the Eastern regions, while I hope to be south of the sun (again), there is this upcoming extravaganza! that I've just heard about in April, http://www.burlesque-expo.com/home.cfm

Montreal always takes verrrry good care of me, so i'll look sexily skewed at you, dear, sweet, debaucherously raucous Montreal! - so what's happenin in Montreal in early Jan!?!  Well... there's ME..  laugh! oooh it's so fun to play at being a rockstar... sigh... silly silly dorkdorkdorkdork... and then the big leap west where I have hopes galore of friends, debauchery, and a winter Garden!!!!  oh yes... dreaming of a snowy winter Garden....

Vancouver has a HUGE weekend event in early Feb - with hopes and fingers still crossed, but besides all this, as well, looking to be a sexy one to visit me at! 

Westward Bound

and then (phew) Seattle and a big sideways sexy grin at an always sexy town....

and THEN the big jump to *the* big Feb filled Australian delights of Sydney....


skiing will be part of this! Oh yes!!! 

So keep an eye out on FB and here for a BDSM kinky ski weekend upcoming in January !